Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery is open for day tickets to all, everyone is welcome. Open 7 days a week from 8.30am, closing varies.

Come along and join us for a great day's fishing

The original source of the Tunbridge Wells Spa


A magical trout lake of just over 2 acres hidden away in the Weald of Kent

Day Ticket Prices

2 Fish Ticket - £35.00
3 Fish Ticket - £40.00
4 Fish Ticket - £45.00

If you wish to continue fishing after reaching your bag limit, please contact the baliff who can provide a new ticket.


Chalybeate Springs is what is more generally referred to as a "Small Stillwater" in terms of tactics.

As a basic kit list you should include:

Safety First

All rods fishing the water are strongly recommended to wear eye protection and a life jacket at all times and particularly if you cannot swim.


Fly Rod of between 8 and 9ft 6ins rated between 4 and 7 to match the rod. Leader material suggest knotted or knotless leader of 9 12ft tapering to between 3lbs and 6lbs depending upon water clarity.

Rods, reels/line and basic tackle items are available for hire if required - please check before you visit.


Chalybeate gets a good hatch of Buzzer, Mayfly, Pond Olives, Damsels, Sedge and Hawthorn in the spring and Daddy Longlegs in September and October all of which fish successfully as dry flies as well as nymphs. Please remember that it is single fly only (no "snake flies" or droppers) and the maximum hook size is 8. Only barbless hooks are permissable if fishing catch and release.


Net (Knotless mesh please)
Scissors pliers


Boots or shoes (Waders are not required)
Waterproof coat and over-trousers
Hat (Not just to keep the weather off)
Sun tan lotion
Midge repellent(August only)

It is every anglers responsibility to minimise the risk of transferring disease or parasites when visiting different waters. If you have fished elsewhere recently, particularly abroad, please ensure that your boots and tackle have been thoroughly cleaned and dried so as to minimise the risk.